April 08, 2020

wu tang name generator

With names like O 'Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah, Inspiration Deck, and Method Man, who doesn't want to be a member of the Wu Tang tribe (by name only)? Signal I am. Top

I started by myself. Using the Wu Tang Tribe Name Generator, I typed my name, crossed my fingers, and waited for something cool like a Ghostface Claw (which means speaking, neat, Ghostface Claw, more wonderful than anyone else. Maybe ?!) "Kayla Valley will know you as a visual ambassador one day already, Miss, Mrs. Ambassador. It sounds good. Wu, thank you.

With my new knack, I felt I had the right to name others as Wustick. It decided to make a random list of celebrities who are considered boring and / or horrible names.

First, the celebrities who need to change: Britney Spears, now you're a respectable monster. Your ring is, huh? Lindsay Lohan, you will now be known as the Deep Nation. (Even Wu's generator is ironic.) Jay Leno, you're known as Conan O'Brien. I'm just kidding ... I mean the culprit. And, MySpace, how can I forget you? Now you've changed your name to an xessive begging.

I also feel bad for famous kids who have parents who use their reputation to give a bad name. Although dropping out of the Rampark 100 in preschool can save you from persecution, I think Wu's name would be a better defense.

Contact Apple, parents Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, and let them know that you will always be known as the Drunken Captain. Maybe you can be that person.

David was a son of Duchovny and Tay Leoni, and was called Clyde. Take it? Baby, here's a real name. You are now Zaxi Desperado. Blue Bull Madonna, your mother's ginger spice. You didn't have a chance to come up with a good name, but Wu thinks you're a troubled lover. Sorry, that doesn't help you much, does it work?

And the so-called Famous: John Smiths of the World is called the Drunken Observer. Are there Sarah Browns? Now everyone will know the name of the amateur horseman without limit.

Try it out for yourself and get the new Wu names.

We say you are a willing rapper. And we say that you love the Wu Tang tribe (so much so that your only dream is to join them). And let's also illustrate that your name is Harold Rubin Field. Oh no. A hard rest, Herald. There is no way you can become a Shaolin Master with such a name. They have wonderful names such as:

- Method Method - RZA-GZA -Ll 'Dirty Bastard -Goestface Killah -Ispspah Dek -Rewwon The Chef-And all that (No name, but slightly appropriate, right?)

Anyway, the Herald will be in a difficult spot and if it weren't for the generator named Woo Teng, his rapper's reputation would be greatly affected. (Sorry for the capitals, but I was excited) In fact, we've got some versions and they both work: here and here. We favor the latter, because it is labeled "Insert Woo-Tang" instead of a simple "Enter" button. They should be proud.

So let's name the Herald and enter Wu Tong. Voila! The Herald is now a "Ghost Killer". You are now ready to insert all 36 cameras. So go ahead and give it a try, even if you are not a rapper for an unfortunate name you deserve to be a honorary member of the Wu Tang tribe.

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